Business Teacher Mentoring Program


The Iowa Business Education Association has developed a Mentoring Program for Beginning Teachers, adopted from the Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators, in an effort to help new teachers transition into successful teaching by utilizing the knowledge, experience, and leadership of veteran teachers.

A Mentor will be selected for each beginning teacher to serve as a trusted counselor during the first year(s) of the mentee’s teaching career. Mentors will provide guidance and support to a novice professional in an effort to retain high quality teachers in the state of Iowa. Mentors will go through an application process in order to match the best fit of mentor/mentee relationship.

The mentoring program will be offered to all beginning business education teachers in the state of Iowa. Each beginning teacher will be assigned a mentor who will provide information and direction related to two components of a Business Education program: classroom/laboratory instruction and CTSO activities.

This program is designed to be non-evaluative in nature and solely focused on providing beginning teachers with a foundation of support and guidance during their first year(s) of teaching.

Mentors will be compensated in the form of reimbursement of an IBEA membership.